Mother to child transmission – a one in three chance

“Without the intervention of anti-retroviral drugs, a caesarean section or the substitution of breast milk by other supplements, the risk of a pregnant woman with HIV passing on the virus onto her baby is not 100 percent.” This is according to Steve Andrews, a doctor who works exclusively with people infected with AIDS, at the Brooklyn Medical Centre in Cape Town. Dr Andrews says a positive pregnant woman has a one in three chance of transmitting HIV to her baby. In this audio report we meet Ms X, a mother of two who stays in KTC township in the Western Cape. She is HIV positive and has two children who were born five years apart. Her eldest child is nine years old and has HIV, the second is five years old and is negative. As she told Khopotso Bodibe, Ms X says had she known that she was HIV positive, she wouldn’t have chosen to have children.

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