This is the full text of the BMJ apology:

In a news item published in the 22 July 2006 issue of the BMJ (2006;333:166) and on the website, it was reported that Dr Matthias Rath had gone on trial in Hamburg ‘€œfor fraud.’€ In this context we suggested that Dr Rath stood accused of the serious crime of fraud in relation to the death in 2004 of Dominik Feld, a 9 year old boy with bone cancer; that he was culpably responsible for Dominik Feld’€™s death; and, in particular, that he had improperly pressured Dominik Feld’€™s parents into refusing to allow hospital doctors to amputate the boy’€™s infected leg in an effort to save him.

We now accept that the allegations we published were without foundation, and in the circumstances the BMJ wishes to set the record straight and to apologise to Dr Rath for publishing these allegations


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