Gauteng has the highest number percentage of people on medical aids, with slightly more than one-fifth of residents with medical cover. The majority of those on medical aid live in Tshwane.

The TB cure rate has improved over the past year in the province, particularly in the West Rand and Metsweding. The province now cures over two-thirds of all TB patients, the third best rate in the country.

Tshwane had excellent immunisation cover, while immunisation was high in all six districts.


The West Rand district recorded one of the lowest stillbirth and perinatal mortality rates (rate of babies who die at birth or within seven days of birth) in the country. Johannesburg had the lowest stillbirth rate of all the metros.

The stillbirth rate is useful as it indicates both how healthy the mother is and how well her pregnancy and labour have been monitored by health professionals.


However, caesarean sections doubled in Johannesburg, with almost 14% of all babies in public facilities in the city delivered in this manner.

Johannesburg’€™s clinic staff was amongst the worst supervised in the country, and far too few antenatal patients throughout the province were tested for HIV.


Condom distribution remained below average and there was a one percent increase in sexually transmitted infections.


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