Jam-Jam’€™s two children ‘€“ six and one year old – were attending Safe Future for Kids because she has no money to send them to the other more expensive crèches in the area. She receives a grant for three of her children amounting to R750 a month. With that money Jam-Jam buys school uniforms and books for her elder children. She then buys food for the family and pays crèche fees for the two younger ones.

‘€œCrèches in the area are very expensive. Some of them ask for R200 a month, if it is cheap it’€™s normally R150. That is a lot of money for me to pay. I was relieved when Safe Future for Kids was opened. For the first time ever I could afford to put my children in a crèche. I pay R20 per child and have peace of mind knowing that my children are safe,’€ explained the RR Section resident.

 ‘€œParents want the container to start working because the shack the children learned from was a health risk for them. In winter it was too cold. When it rained the shack leaked and the children got sick all the time,’€ said Jam-Jam.

‘€œNow the six year old goes out playing all day. Sometimes when I’€™m busy with the younger one I always fear that my elder child might get hurt or hit by a car because the area is very dangerous. When they were at crèche I never used to worry,’€ she said.

Like many other parents Jam-Jam doesn’€™t understand why the children are being made to remain in a dingy shack when they have an airy, new container at their disposal.


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