He also founded Partners In Health’€”one of the most respected and visionary development NGOs in the world’€”and   has pioneered the field of ‘€œDelivery Science’€ building approaches to service delivery for the poor that rely on evidence.

‘€œDr. Jim Yong Kim has the potential to transform one of the world’€™s most fraught institutions’€”to challenge failed orthodox thinking on global development that prescribes austerity, privatization, and indebtedness for impoverished countries.   Instead, the globe needs a World Bank focused on results for people’€”using expansionary approaches to macroeconomics and delivering health, education, infrastructure, and employment at the community level,’€ said Amanda Lugg, Chairperson of Health GAP (Global Access Project).

‘€œDr. Kim is an outstanding leader entering an institution too-often oriented around policies that have failed. We hope his leadershipwill transform these policies through listening to, and working with, civilsociety movements for health and pro-people economic policies, including civil society groups demanding change at the Bank based on its disastrous record in supporting stronger health outcomes in Sub-Saharan Africa.

‘€œFurthermore, Dr. Kim should immediately express his support for a Robin Hood Tax on financial transactions to end AIDS and fight poverty’€”something supported by his fellow candidate for Bank President, Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, when she was managing director at the Bank.

‘€œWe agree with many in civil society that drastic reforms are needed in the governance of the Bank and that an open, democratic process for World Bank nominations should have been implemented long ago. Nations of the Global South should be in the lead and rich countries should not control the agenda or the Presidency of the Bank. We hope Dr. Kim will work toward this goal as well.’€

* This statement is from Health GAP


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