Colonel Zanemvula Gwebani, the new police cluster commander in Lusikisiki, said police were running campaigns, alerting communities to take good care of their children who were generally the most vulnerable victims of sexual abuse crimes.

“We are working closely with the Family Violence, Child Protection and Sexual Offences Investigation Unit in engaging with our communities to advise them on what to do when they suspect that a child has been sexually abused and also to encourage women to report any kind of abuse they encounter, whether from strangers or from their loved ones,” said Gwebani.

He said that before the end of the month they will also be visiting Thuthuzela Care Centre in St Elizabeth Hospital at Lusikisiki where rape victims are assisted to check on the progress of the cause and try to assist where the centre has a backlog.

‘Rape cases on the rise’

Gwebani said he had noted that with concern that in Pondoland area, rape cases are on the rise and he further urged community members to come on board in curbing this crime and many others. He said that during this campaign he will visiting traditional councils in the area to engage with traditional leaders and visited areas including Lambasi, Bhodweni, Plangeni, Bomvini and Great Places.

We are focusing on eliminating negative things that destroy our lives like teenage cults, teenage pregnancy, smoking, drinking and gangsterism.

Meanwhile, because of high crime rate, abuse of women and children and rape, the youth from Flagstaff have decided to stand up against crime and create an organisation which will work as a link between the youth and government, with the aim of discouraging the youth from committing crime.

According to the founder of South African Youth Voices, Sibulele Mbambi, the organisation consists of eight members.

“We are focusing on eliminating negative things that destroy our lives like teenage cults (Amavondo and Amakhubalo), teenage pregnancy, smoking, drinking and gangsterism,” Mbambi said.

He added that they believed that those in power of governance need to leave the baton of governing to the young people so that they may carry on with achieving great things for the country.