The government recommends a 14-day quarantine if one has potentially contracted Covid-19 through close contact with a confirmed Covid-19 case. But not all South Africans can easily isolate themselves, and so quarantine facilities, such as the Nasrec Expo Centre, fulfil this need for an estimated 500 residents 

Patients at quarantine sites are supplied with food within the site, and speaking to Health-e News, patients alleged that they were being served expired goods. Two separate incidences are believed to have happened on 25 June and 27 June 

A patient, who asked to remain anonymous, says that when he arrived at the facility, he had high hopes that it was the best place to be to defeat the virus. 

“When I first arrived here, I saw nice beds and rooms, but I think I was wrong. My immune system is already at risk, eating expired food make the situation worse,” says *Sibongiseni Khumalo.  

Pictures of the food, seen by Health-e News, shows that the meal expired on 23 June, although served to residents on 25 June. 

“We called the chef to ask about this food – he took longer to come and when he arrived, he failed to give us valid reasons for this,” Khumalo explains tells Health-e News. 

“Well, we cant put blame on the nurses whose job it is to allocate wards to patients. The chefs should make sure that when there are leftovers that they don’t put them back in the fridge but dispose that food,” he adds. 

Rotten fruit 

Patient at Nasrec covid19 quarantine holding a rotten fruit