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Budget shortfalls in Global Fund costs lives

Between six and nine million people in developing countries currently urgently need anti-retroviral treatment while in reality only between 230 000 and 300 000 have access to these drugs, according to a report by HealthGAP, a US-based human rights group.

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Health and the budget

Investigations into the introduction of a national anti-retroviral programme for South Africans living with HIV/AIDS are far advanced and recommendations are close to finalisation, it was announced in this week’€™s budget documents. Anso Thom reports.

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ARV’€™s what it would cost

CAPE TOWN – The cost of a state supported anti-retroviral programme in its most expensive year could be below R10-billion and still be highly effective, according to calculations by Treatment Action Campaign (TAC) and researchers at the University of Cape Town (UCT).

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Profiting from AIDS

Drug companies are continuing to sell anti-retrovirals at hugely inflated prices in South Africa with some branded drugs selling for up to eight times more than generic versions available worldwide but that are not yet manufactured locally.

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Health provision: The Year ahead

The sharp increase in multi-drug resistant tuberculosis in South Africa can be attributed to the loss of Directly Observed Treatment Short-course Strategy (DOTS) workers to the more lucrative field of caring for people living with HIV/AIDS, health department officials admitted this week. Anso Thom reports.

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