Unhappy with your local clinic or need someone to talk to? Find useful contacts for the National Department of Health, provincial health department complaint lines, as well as counselling hotlines and more below.

Minister of Health

Dr. Aaron Motsoaledi

Private Bag X399
Pretoria, 0001
Tel: (012) 312 0546
Fax: (012) 325 5526
Cape Town
Private Bag X9070
Cape Town, 8000
Tel: (021) 466 7260
Fax: (021) 465 1575

National Department of Health

Switchboard: 012 395 8000
Physical address: Civitas Building, Cnr Thabo Sehume and Struben Streets, PRETORIA
Postal address: Private Bag X828, PRETORIA, 0001

Provincial complaint lines

The Department of Health advises that patient complaints first be directed to the manager of the relevant clinic or hospital. If patients are not satisfied with the response of facility managers, they should call these provincial complaint lines.

Eastern Cape0800 032 364
Free State0800 535 554
Gauteng0800 203 886
KwaZulu-Natal033 395 2009
Limpopo0800 919 191
Mpumalanga0800 204 098
Northern Cape 018 387 5778
North West 018 391 4000/1/2
Western Cape 021 483 5624

South African National Council on Alcoholism & Drug Dependence (SANCA)

SANCA partners with government to provide access to subsidised in-house and community-based rehabilitation services for those battling drug and alcohol addictions.

For more information, please visit the SANCA website

Alcoholics Anonymous

The national branch of the international organisation provides counselling, education and support groups for people battling alcohol addiction.

0861 435 722

Thuthuzela Care Centres

For medical care, support and legal help following a sexual assault, contact your nearest Thuthuzela Care Centre.

Rape Crisis Centre

Based in Cape Town, the centre offers counselling and court support for rape survivors 13 years and older. You can call the centre’s hotline 24 hours a day or visit its website.
021 447 9762

National Counselling Lines

Operating around the clock, Lifeline allows callers to discuss a range of challenges from trauma and suicide, to relationship issues. Alternatively, visit a Lifeline centre near you.
0861 322 322

Children and teenagers under the age of 17 years old can also call Childline
0800 055 555

Gender-based Violence Line

The 24-hour hotline offers counselling for those who have been physically, emotionally, sexually or financially abused. You can also visit your nearest Lifeline centre.
0800 012 322 or 0800 150 150

South African Depression and Anxiety Group

The mental health advocacy and support organisation runs a toll-free counseling line between 8am and 8pm for patients and families dealing with mental illness, and those who may be at risk of suicide.
0800 567 567

AIDS Helpline

The 24-hour hotline provides information on HIV testing, treatment, care and prevention.
0800 012 322

Diabetes South Africa

The non-profit organisation provides health education and workshops, as well as dietary plans and support groups for people living with diabetes and their families.
086 111 3913

Epilepsy South Africa

The non-profit organisation provides education, counselling and support for those living with epilepsy and their families.
0860 374 537


  • There has been a learner in Hector Peterson who has been diagnosed with Delta Virus and it is bad to hear that the learners who were in contact with that learner are still at school.

    Ndicela ukuba Department of Health baye kwesasikolo please

    • My wife went to the Newlands Dental Clinic in Newlands (a public Centre) , JHB, for an extraction. As some of the patients went into the facility, I was sitting outside in the car. One of the dentists was very rude, scolded at the patients outside. I felt very embarrassed as there were many older persons as well. Anyways, after about two hours, my wife came out crying. That same dentist had done a half job LITERALLY. According to my wife, in the middle of the process, my wife signaled to the dentist that she was in extreme pain. The dentist responded by saying that she can’t deal with this, and that my wife could leave if she can’t cope with the pain!! So my wife left, with a half pulled tooth and way more pain than before. We left and made a plan to go to another dentist, thank God.

  • I’m not happy with the service I’m receiving at a government hospital that is Rahima moosa(mother and child hospital).no water and it’s this pandemic of Covid 19,secondly the sisters are rude to us,thirdly I was admitted for an oparation to deliver my baby for the 18th and there’s nothing that’s been done yet and they know that I’m a chronic patient suffering from breathing problem.Please do assist

  • Please help me I’m at nobody clinic since 10 for my child appointment but all of them they are on lunch even now 13:38.no one is talking to me and my child is crying now and they dont care please assist

  • I’m so very dissapointed angry and furious about Zakhele clinic in Khayelitsha. I had an apointment for 8’oclock today and i was there past 7 at 10 oclock the sister told us shes going at tea (for about 2hours) we had to call her back she told us theres no enough staff the staff is on leave, how so? The time now is 15:25 im still not helped and its always like that my question is why always they dont have sisters on duty always poor service what is worse its not even a big clinic or a busy clinic now i have to leave without being helped bcz im hungry and pregnant i cant stay more than 12 hours without food im dissy im diabetic can the department of health please take this matter very serious about that clinic. The nurses there are not being helpful at all everytime i go there there must be someone complaining if they really out of staff we are here doing nothing we can volunteer if its that the matter #ourlivesmatter

  • Why is nothing done about Rethabile Community Health Centre in Polokwane? The nurses are rude and just dont know how to talk to people. You will ask simple information or explanation and they will start by telling you why didn’t you come in the morning; they will tell you how tired they are, etc. How is that related to the matter at hand?!!! No man, this is unacceptable now. We are paying their salaries and they must serve the people because that’s what they said they will do when they signed their oath of practice.

  • My 1year old baby got urn in her foot a week a go, Took her to Itireleng clinic in Dobsonville.I was advised I can bring her back to change her dressing after a day.I returned at 15:00 and advised it was late the Nurses have left.My lil sister took her back following day she was told to take her to Braamfisvher clinic cause thats where we stay.I took her following day again cause braamfischer clinic told us we had to open a new file.F inally i tireleng changed her dressing. My sister was told to come back on the 5th October 2021 for another dressing, she went and a gay nurse turned her back telling her she has to go to braamfischer clinic and that they did us a favour the last time they changed my daughter’s dressing. now i am laying a complaint cause this is unprofessionsl,what will happen if my daughter’s leg gets infection? I wqant necessasry measures to be taken.why is it that government clinics and hospitals have to treat ppl like animals?

  • Good Day,

    Moruleng clinic is the worst when it comes to service. I lodged a complaint on 9 September and so far no response. It is just a waste of time. A nurse by the surname of Phiri is pathetic. Her colleague refused to give me her name and suggested that I must just write “nurse”. Can you believe this! I tried calling for feedback in vain.


  • Hi I was at zonkizizwe clinic 1 they said i can be helped with termination of pregnancy of 2 weeks they said i should to private doctorr

  • Service delivery at Soshanguve Block BB Clinic is VERY POOR. The staff just move around talking and fail to attend to patients timeously. Patients arrive there at 6:00 but only attended to after 14:00. This happen on a daily basis. Please address this. It is really bad.

  • Goodday why is there discrimination against white disabled people with a mental illness at Elizabeth Donkin hospital Port Elizabeth Whi can I contact to get help for my son I’m An 75yr old lady who has to care for him and he has suisidal tendencies. Pls help I’m not doing good Leone

    • I’m so saddened by the no service provided by Levubu Clinic I went to consult seriously I’ll and the security guard told me turn away because there’s no water and all the staff were absent whereas the Clinic has to operate 24hrs , we only have 2 clinics around Tshakhuma but none of them aren’t at our service we getting garbage service

  • Rheederpark clinic in welkom not happy with their service, you arrive 7am and leave 4pm without being helped nurses has their favorites or they wil tell they going to tea time or lunch. They go to lunch 1pm and return 14:30- 14:45

  • Central clinic at pietermaritzburg the staff doesn’t want to work, you find them when it is your turn to see a nurse they are busy with whatapp and phone calls with their friends. They go for lunch long hours, some are even drunk they are slow it’s as if they don’t want to work. There are just there for money only. Where are nurses who used to love their work and cared for the patients. This is do sad. What can be done to rectify how these people work for sake of the patients.

  • Elandskraal Village Clinic under Ephraime Mogale Municipality in Marble Hall, nobody cares about patients and they start with their breakfast meals before checking on files then after that, boom time for lunch and leaves us alone, can’t they adjust their breakfast and lunch time meals so that we can get help while others enjoying their meals?

  • We are at Mtumasi clinic eastern cape…we are here to vaccinate but nurses are busy making a braai

    Please help

  • Helen Joseph hospital it’s so bad my mom an 81 yrs who has to wait more than 48 hours in a wheel chair for a bed to be allocated to her for an emergency abess drainage on her side but alcohol people who are stabbed and accident get priority and they are drunk but all elders are been seated at the reception our government and minister of health is really failing us and to thi k we are law abiding citizens who pays so much tax Mr motsoaledi pls male time and do walk in proc3in all these hospitals and see how our people suffer this is not funny any more people are dying

  • I’ve got complaints about nurses at Princess Clinic that is situated under Roodepoort Gauteng.

    The service is very poor; they delaying to help us and when they do you’ll swear they not interested, patients were only 2, me and another granny but they took 2 hour to attend that granny, after she left I stayed another 2 hours to be attended. When u go to clinic, u get there at 6 in the morning and u get help at 2 afternoon, this is not good at all. I decided to go there at 12 afternoon to avoid staying the whole day and I go help at 4 late.

    Also the attitude they give.., they very rude. I’m so angry because I was ok with their bad service course we used to it, the attitude they gave me made angry , I dint deserve that. I didn’t say nothing to them. Or maybe they were bored thinking I’ll be angry and go home and I was sitting there peaceful. Those nurses needs to be reminded their duties it’s wrong what they doing, and they always have no medication as well. You’ll swear they taking the medication to their home.

  • Muizenberg clinic has really poor service we called I made an appointment for 7.30 in the morning only to be told the staff starts at 9.00 it is 10.00 and the Fuckers goes on tea time and nobody has been seen to so what shit service does the government provide are the staff illiterate or something….

  • So traumatic and stressful experience. I mean loosing a child its enough pain on its own. My sister was 14 weeks pregnant she then went to Bara hospital on Sunday after she started bleeding, she arrive there and was taken from pillar to post only to be told she’s not pregnant after a pregnancy test, the nurses direct words (who declared you pregnant?) My sister being frustrated now she’s send to a different Dr who checked her and then called the other nurse who was shocked to c the baby in the womb. Was told they cant c baby’s heartbeat. Still confused was then told to go open a file they need her to go to Lilian Ngoyi and get a transfer letter mind u its after 12midnight. We then left went to Vaal Ritzspruit the following morning as that’s were she has booked for her antenatal and was told they cant help we should go to Johan community hospital, arriving at that hospital was taken by an ambulance to Kopanong Hospital at 6pm. Was then told the baby had died. So they have to perform D&C to clean and remove the baby, the procedure was done the following morning and was kept to inspect bleeding then discharged. Surprisingly this morning she woke up with server pains she asked me to run a bath.. Then she said she felt a push only to push out an infant. The trauma still continues getting back to this Kopanong Hospital being treated as if we at fault. Her life is being compromised. Can someone please help us we have a fetus in our hands

  • Why is there no doctors and nurses available at Provincial Hospital Clinic ,Port Elizabeth, apparently till March 2022, its now 6/1/2022?????
    No medicines are available either. Is this why we pay taxes.

  • Had a terrible and traumatic experience at Parkhurst Clinic today. I normally get my chronic medicine at Dischem after recieving an sms. But yesterday I did not recieve sms and so went to the clinic. They Receptionist accused me of defaulting on my meds since I have not been collecting at clinic and they accused me of lying. They told me that I would have to spend the the day at the clinic and assist me last. I therefore demanded to see the Sister in charge. She checked on the system and found out that I never defaulted on my meds as I was collecting at Dischem.

    The young lady and gentlemen at the Reception are not qualified to assist patients who need help. They lack empathy and understanding. Please investigate this matter as they are there to harass patients and not help them.

  • I’m admitted at Pelonomi hospital for a bile on a left ankle,since the morning hours of 20 January 00:00 been told not to eat until 20:00 nothing has been done and I’m hungry in pain no one is taking us seriously here…All they do is come and take temperature..My peg is in pain and I can’t drink any medicine because they say I can not drink pills before I go to surgery but now my concern is since 00:00 up until now at 20:00 is it acceptable to keep someone this long without food or pills?????

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