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Still fighting for HIV/AIDS

It'€™s been two decades since Dr Peter Piot, now head of UNAIDS, first saw patients from central Africa with a mysterious illness that we today know to be HIV/Aids. Since then he has made it his mission to keep the epidemic on the international political agenda. Kathryn Strachan spoke to Dr Piot during his recent visit to South Africa
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Sanitation a key to health

With 6000 children dying each day of water-borne diseases, delegates at the World Summit on Sustainable Development are fighting for a specific target on sanitation to be included in the final plan of action. But their proposal is being opposed by the US, Japan, Canada and New Zealand who wish to avoid being tied down to a specific target.
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Tracing the destructive impact of HIV

Researchers from different parts of the country agree, households affected by AIDS tend to be much poorer than those which are "unaffected". However, the silence about the disease has made it extremely difficult for researchers to document the extent of this damage and therefore to highlight the steps government needs to take to prevent these households from slipping ever deeper into poverty. Kathryn Strachan reports.
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SA HIV vaccine trials waiting for green light

The South African trial of an HIV vaccine is in a state of animated suspension. The clinical sites of Baragwanath Hospital and the Durban Medical Research Council (MRC) have been chosen and approval has been received from the Wits University ethics committee. All that the National Institute for Virology, which is co-ordinating the process, is waiting for now is the go-ahead from the Medicines Control Council, and it is hoped that the trials can begin towards the middle of the year.
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