Comfort Of Strangers

Today in our series on EVERYDAY HEROES we meet a woman who represents the silent army of heroes countrywide who are in frontline of the fights against HIV and AIDS. Home-based caregivers. Although it’s a hard job where patients don’t always get better and there’s no personal reward, caregivers form the backbone of patient care in a health system that is overburdened and under-resourced.

An inspiring story of Sanna Leshage, a home based care volunteer who without payment, transport or any logistical support looks after people living with HIV and AIDS.

Leshage doesn’€™t stop at doing home visits, she also helps her clients organise grants, where possible. But just because patients are sick, they’re not always regarded as disabled, and grants aren’€™t always available. This leaves her reaching into her kitchen cupboard for porridge and other food to make sure that they don’€™t take their medication on an empty stomach.

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