The two shared the award which endeavours to recognise, develop and empower AIDS advocacy leaders that have not been extensively acknowledged.

The award also recognised their leadership at the helm of two preeminent organisations in South Africa that are working to curb the HIV/AIDS epidemic ‘€“ the TAC and the AIDS Law Project. The award gives a shared grant to both individuals and the organisations they work for.

Dubula-Majola also attended the high level Universal Access Meeting in London this week. The meeting was called at the request of the UK Minister of State, Gareth Thomas, who was the UK lead minister when the G8 Gleneagles Commitment to Universal Access was made.

The meeting sought to ensure that the world does not lose sight of the commitments made at Gleneagles and also aimed to galvanise interest amongst key stakeholders to ensure that HIV and AIDS is not forgotten during all the upcoming international forums – including the G8, G20 and the UN Millennium Development Goal Summit in September. The meeting will have a regional focus on the endemic countries of southern Africa and countries in eastern Africa where infections are rising.

Dubula-Majola was due to address this meeting.

She has also been invited by the Chairman of the United States House Subcommittee on Africa and Global Health, Mr Donald Payne, to testify before the Committee on Foreign Affairs at a hearing on US Investments in HIV/AIDS: Opportunities and Challenges ahead. She will respond to questions including: what has been the effectiveness of US investments and PEPFAR in HIV/AIDS in South Africa? And what has been the impact of PEPFAR on maternal and child health in South Africa?


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