Surveys show that people from a country like Brazil have more sexual partners in one year than South Africans, but they are largely one night stands.

 Here it is common for people to have on-going sexual relationships with more than one person. What’€™s known as multiple and concurrent partnerships. And this says the experts, is what is driving the spread of HIV.

For years South Africans battled to learn their sexual alphabet- A abstain, B be faithful and C condomise. Sexual behaviour has proved stubbornly resistant to change.

The majority of people still do not understand that regular unprotected sex with more than one partner increases the risk of infection dramatically.

In April, South Africa launched the biggest HIV testing and treatment programme in the world. To kick off the campaign President Jacob Zuma himself took a public HIV test

The aim is test 15-million people by 2011  to treat those who need it with anti-retrovirals.

But terrifyingly for every 2 people put on ARVs another 5 become HIV+. Many of them get infected because they’€™re having regular sex with a number of different partners.

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