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Baby Blues

Written by Anna Maria Lombard

For the last decade, everyone living and working with AIDS has been preoccupied with securing access to life-saving drugs. Now that just under a million South Africans are on ARVs, there’€™s a new frontier in the fight against the virus: Safeguarding the human rights of people living with HIV.

161c1bb70641.jpgWhat’€™s come to light, is a hidden and devastating violation being perpetrated against some women with HIV in Southern Africa. Forced sterilisation. It’€™s an unspoken, ignored practice ‘€“ a misplaced effort to stop the virus. It adds up to medicalised violence against women.

In international law, forced sterilisation is recognised as a crime against humanity, if it’€™s widespread or systematic. Forced sterilisation in Southern Africa was for the first time challenged in landmark court cases this year.

Health-e News tells the story.


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