Across the board ‘€“ smokers, non-smokers and ex-smokers are all feeling the impact of legislation with 56% of ex-smokers (up 22% from last year) agreeing with the rulings, along with smokers at 44% (40% last year) and non-smokers recording 48% (up 21% from last year).

The survey conducted by NICORETTE ®, a leading provider of Nicotine Replacement Therapy in South Africa, had 16 645 participants, a substantial increase of 22% since its inception last year. ‘€œThis survey is intended to monitor and give in-depth insight into the smoking trends, but first and foremost, we’€™re doing it to have an intimate knowledge of our target market,’€ said NICORETTE ® Brand Manager Vanessa Sew Chung Hong. ‘€œIt is encouraging to see that more and more people are thinking of stopping smoking because of the smoking legislation and increased cost of cigarettes’€.

An addition to this year’€™s NICORETTE ® South African Smoking Survey is the introduction of demographics by provincial segmentation. Gauteng and the Western Cape Provinces had the most participation in the survey with 45% and 28% respectively. The Northern Cape had the least amount of participation with 1%.

 Stress related factors were the main reason given for smoking   with 63% of smokers saying they have tried to quit smoking between 2-5 times and 6% saying they have tried more than six times while another 6% said they have lost count. ‘€œThis makes us realise that quitting smoking is a challenging journey and that people need much more than just a product to help them stop, they need psychological support as well and of course, willpower,’€ said Sew Chung Hong. ‘€œInternational research has revealed that smokers are six times likely to quit smoking successfully with a combination of NRT and psychological support than willpower alone’€. (2-4)

Accentuating this aspect, the survey further revealed that 35% (compared to 28% in 2009) relied on friends for help and support in their quitting journey, while ironically; ‘€œformal’€ support groups have dropped from 32% in 2009 to 14% this year. Willpower and NRT remained the most popular quitting option again this year claiming 86% and 28% respectively followed by prescription drugs at 18% and electronic cigarettes at 11%.

‘€œWe noted that people perceive willpower to be the most effective way of quitting followed by NRT then prescription drugs,’€ said Sew Chung Hong. ‘€œWe further noted that prescription drugs are more common in the higher income group because of access to medical aid while the lower income group is more likely to use support groups, friends or a partner.’€

The survey also showed that NICORETTE ® is by far the best known smoking cessation aid in South Africa. ‘€œWe’€™re once again proud that we’€™re able to share these insights into the South African smoking market. This is an integral part of our commitment to possessing an in-depth knowledge of our market thereby equipping us to be able to provide solutions which people really need, to quit smoking,’€ concludes Sew Chung Hong.


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What is NICORETTE ®?

Since its introduction 25 years ago, NICORETTE ®, the world’€™s most widely used Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) has helped 60 million smokers worldwide break their dependence on nicotine by reducing the cravings and withdrawal symptoms associated with smoking. The World Health Organisation endorses NRT products as ‘€œremarkably safe’€.


About Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT)

Nicotine Replacement Therapies, such as NICORETTE ®, provide a smaller dose of nicotine than you would normally get from a cigarette, but enough to beat the cravings you get when you stop smoking. Day by day your cravings will become less frequent until they disappear. So the quitting process is made easier.NRT has been developed to provide you with lower doses of nicotine more slowly than cigarettes, in a controlled way, to help you quit smoking and gradually decrease your nicotine intake. You can take control of your cravings simply by using NICORETTE ®.

We know quitting using willpower alone is an enormous challenge. You have to cope with a combination of nicotine withdrawal, breaking a strong habit and the terrible temptation when people smoke around you.

However, NICORETTE ® has been shown to work. Research has shown that smokers are twice as likely to stop smoking using NRT, than with willpower alone and six times more likely to stop successfully with a combination of willpower and psychological support.


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