MTHATHA. – Patients were stranded at the Nelson Mandela Academic Hospital for nearly three weeks after being discharged but no hospital transport available to take them back home to Lusikisiki.

According to a source, four patients were transferred from the St Elizabeth Hospital in Lusikisiki on 23 September. Shortly after two of them were discharged but had to stay at the hospital because there were no ambulance or other hospital vehicles available to take them back home.

The patients arrived back in Lusikisiki on Thursday 12 October.

During the time the patients were stuck in Mthatha, they were unable to work and earn an income. One of the patient said that he was very concerned that he might lose his job.

‘€œStaying in hospital was not a holiday,’€ he said. ‘€œIt was bad being away from my family for so long, but I had no means of going home by myself, so I had to accept it.’€


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