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ARV shortage at E Cape clinic

Written by Mtshana Mvlisi

OURHEALTH. – Goso Forest Clinic in Lusikisiki in the OR Tambo district of the Eastern Cape is experiencing a shortage of medicine, including life-saving antiretrovirals (ARVs).

A TAC co-ordinator there, Zukile Madikizela, told OurHealth that since last Wednesday (17 October), patients going to collect their monthly supply of the ARV Tenofovir were only given enough medication to last them for one week. Other patients were turned away from the clinic without any explanation except that medicines weren’€™t delivered by the Frere Gateway Clinic in East London.

According to Madikizela, the clinic has also run out of cholesterol-lowering medication, paracetamol and supplements.

When Madikizela enquired with the clinic Sister about the medicine shortages, she was told not to interfere. ‘€œWho are you and what do you think you can do?’€ Sister Mashiqi apparently asked Madikizela.

* Story by Mtshana Mvlisi, OurHealth Citizen Journalist reporting from Lusikisiki in the OR Tambo district in the Eastern Cape.

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Mtshana Mvlisi

Mtshana Mvlisi is an OurHealth Citizen Journalist reporting from the Eastern Cape's OR Tambo Health District.