“We are very relieved,’€ said a nurse at Matavhela clinic who prefers to remain anonymous. ‘€œNow we can go to work knowing that when a patient comes in, he or she will be given some medicines to help with their sickness.”

Medicine stocks were apparently delivered last week Friday.

The communities surrounding both clinics are also relieved about the delivery of medicines at these healthcare facilities after having no access to medication for a long time.

‘€œI am very grateful to know that now we are going to get treated and not transferred from one clinic to the next. We are going to come to the clinic knowing that there is enough medicines to give all patients,” said Nditsheni Mbevhana from Shakadza. “Now we don’€™t have to go into debt trying to get some money to go to the other clinic,” she added.

Another patient, Tshililo Mbedzi, was also happy about the medication. “Now that the Department of Health has taken the medication issue into consideration, we as the community and patients are very grateful and we would really appreciate it continues. Having medicine at our clinics are very important to all of us so we are very grateful to the Department of Health,” said Mbedzi.

A nurse at Shakadza Clinic who previously spoke to OurHealth about the medicine stock out was reluctant to provide comment after she apparently landed in trouble after speaking up previously.

Melta Tshilangano, a 32-year old mother said: “Today I am happy because I came here with the thought of getting transferred to Matavhela Clinic, but instead I was given the medication my daughter  needed,” said Tshilangano of her visit to the Shakadza Clinic.

Suprise Nemalale is an OurHealth Citizen Journalist reporting from Vhembe health district in Limpopo.


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