‘Treatment interruptions may kill me’

Kgang is married with two sons.

At the end of last year he was diagnosed with prostate cancer and he started treatment in October this year. He was supposed to receive daily radiation therapy for three weeks, but when he reported for treatment on October 16 he was told the machine is out of order and he should go home.

Kgang lives in Rustenburg which is more than 120km from the hospital. He travels there and back every day with transport arranged by the Department of Health. It is a four-hour return trip.

He only received his next radiation treatment three weeks later on November 9.

‘€œI’€™m so worried. I know cancer can kill you even if you get treatment. What are my chances if the treatment is interrupted all the time?’€ said Kgang.    


  • Wilma Stassen

    Wilma Stassen is a reporter at Health-e News Service. She focuses on non-communicable diseases. Follow her on Twitter @Lawim

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