One patient was unhappy about the poor state of the medication she received from the mobile unit. A doctor at the District Hospital prescribed a very specific drug and arranged for it to be delivered via the mobile clinic. According to the patient, when her tablets arrived the package has already been opened and contained less medication than what was prescribed. When she enquired, the nurses in the mobile unit told her that: ‘€œthose tablets are not available at the clinic’€.

The patient said she is worried about her health because she is not getting the right amount of medication the doctor prescribed and she is rationing her intake so that the tablets can last for a month.

‘€œIt is detrimental to one’€™s health if you don’€™t take your medication properly,’€ she complained.

During December, patients in the farming community in Bethlehem, Glen Ash also complained that the mobile clinic didn’€™t arrive when it was supposed to. On enquiry, patients were told that the nurses needed to take holiday as well, and therefore the patients have to make their own arrangements to get health services.

Mathilda Smous in an OurHealth Citizen Journalist reporting from Bethlehem in the Free State.