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Award winner - Fathima Simjee

Award winner – Fathima Simjee

Health-e News Service is very proud to announce that our television producer, Fathima Simjee was named the Young Health Journalist of the Year last night, and our former radio reporter, Ayanda Mkhwanazi, was named Health Radio Reporter of the Year at the Discovery Health Journalism awards.

“Fathima’s commentary is carefully thought out and easily digestible. She exploits the television medium to its fullest potential and delivers a succinct, hard-hitting piece of excellent journalism,” according to the judges.

Fatz’s winning story focused on tuberculosis in children, and her award is sponsored by loveLife.

Ayanda’s winning story was on cervical cancer, told through Mam Emily Monchonjana of Orange Farm who encourages young women to go for pap smears to detect this cancer.

Describing the story as “a gripping piece of journalism”, the judges said: “As a piece of radio journalism, this story is evocative, well-researched and brings us the voices of women from the community and an expert.”

Health-e print editor Anso Thom, a previous overall winner of the awards, was a finalist in the health analysis category.

The Mail&Guardian’s health editor, Mia Malan, was named overall Health Journalist of the Year 2013.

Kerry Cullinan, Managing Editor.

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