Illegal dump site in Kestell

Illegal dump site in Kestell

Residents in Kestell have resorted to throwing their garbage on the side of the streets in Kestell.

Mpho Matobako one of the residents in Kestell’s new stands complained of the stench coming from the rubbish heap on the road side.

“If the municipal vehicle does not come, people have a tendency of throwing rubbish on this end of the township,” he complained.

“People are heartless; they just dump rubbish here despite the fact that there are people like me on the windward side who will be directly affected,” said Matobako

Asked what could be done to avoid such behaviour or tendency, Matobako said the municipality needed to inform people about the danger of these dumping sites, as people who dump rubbish do not think of their neighbours.

“Sometimes, people even burn that rubbish and the terrible smoke is not good for children and old people. If people do not change their mindsets, then the municipality should be able to be fine people who dump garbage, but the municipality should put rubbish bins in place before they can resort to fine people who do the dumping,” he complained.

These issues may trigger violence regarding service delivery because if people are paying municipalities for refuse collection and nothing is being done, people will become angry.

Efforts to getting the information about the availability of the rubbish removal truck proved fruitless as the Health-e was continually referred to the Maluti-a-Pfofung Municipal headquarters in Qwaqwa, 30km away. The official at the local municipal offices declined to speak to Health e as he was not allowed to speak to the media on behalf of the municipality.