National Health Facilities Baseline Audit

HFAThe audit assessed infrastructure, classification of facilities, compliance to priority areas of quality and function, human resources, access and range of services offered, and geographic positioning (GPS) for location of facilities and photographs. The overall objective of the audit was to collect baseline data from all public health facilities in the country using standardised and existing measurement tools provided by the national Department of Health. The data collected were captured into the National Core Standards database established by the national Department of Health.

Data collected from each of the facilities were aggregated to sub-district, district and national averages that are presented by theme in a variety of dashboards and can be accessed centrally from the webbased reporting database. This national summary report provides a succinct and high level interpretation of the results and summary of the findings as at 29 August 2012. The full extent of results of the status of health facilities will only be seen when examining the data at lower levels such as at facility type, individual facility, sub-district and district level, or when individual priority and functional areas are unpacked at lower levels of aggregation.

The baseline audit findings are presented according to the key audit outcome areas as determined by the national Department of Health’s National Core Standards. These findings can inform evidence-based objectives and plans towards scaling up national quality improvement strategies. Cleaning and validation of the baseline data will continue for a time to ensure data of the highest quality and accuracy. Updating of the baseline data is essential to ensure that quality improvements are tracked and monitored over time.

Download the report: National Health Facilities Audit



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