Report: Summary of Netcare v KPMG litigation

Report: Summary of Netcare v KPMG litigation

Section27 has summarized the first three days of litigation in case brought against auditing company KPMG in regards to its possible involvement in South Africa’s Competition Commission’s market inquiry into private health care.

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Section27South Africa’s Commission has launched a market inquiry into the private health sector and has employed KPMG as a consultant for this purpose.

Alleging that KPMG has a conflict of interest in the matter due to previous work for Netcare, the hospital group has approached the High Court in order to protect confidential information from being disclosed by KPMG to the commission. It is concerned that the direct or inadvertent disclosure of this information by KPMG will prejudice Netcare’s interests during the course of the market inquiry.

As of 22 May, judgement in the case had been reserved.

Section27 has summarised the first three days of litigation. You can access the summaries below:

Day one: Summary Day 1 of Netcare v KPMG

Day two: Summary Day 2 Netcare v KPMG

Day three: Summary of Day 3 Netcare v KPMG