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Guidelines: Rural-proofing for Health

Deprivation is worst in “ex-homeland rural areas” according to a range of DHB indicators that covered income, unemployment, living standards and education
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Drafted by the Rural Health Advocacy Project (RHAP), the guidelines are designed to provide policymakers at national and district levels with a tool to evaluate whether health policies meet the needs of rural populations.

RHAPThe 52-page guidelines are designed to not only evaluate the appropriateness of policies but also ensure that they are effective and sustainable, and move to improve equity in healthcare services.

Divided into eight chapters, the guidelines cover areas such as key background on rural health in South Africa before moving to provide a framework for analysing the health system. Like the National Department of Health, RHAP uses the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) Health Systems Framework to evaluate the healthcare systems. The guidelines thus divides the system into six core components, which are then evaluated by inputs, resources and priorities for instance.

RHAP will be running free trainings on the guidelines for government officials and civil society. Those interested in training should contact RHAP Rural Proofing Project Manager Daygan Eagar daygan(at)

Download the guidelines: RHAP Rural Proofing Guidelines

You can also download these related presentations from the guidelines’ launch:

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  • I cannot seem to open the “Presentation by North West Department of Health Deputy Director Dr Andrew L Robinson on snapshots of rural realities”

    It is the same /pdf as the “Presentation by RHAP Project Manager Daygan Eager on guidelines”

    • Hi Elana, Thanks for alerting us to the mix up. We’ve corrected it and you should now be able to download the correct presentation from Robinson. If not, please do let us know.

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