NACOSA logoThe study surveyed 8,869 students across higher education institutions and found that about 10 percent of those surveyed identified as MSM. More generally, about 16 percent of students identified as homosexual, six percent reported being bisexual while nine percent reported identifying with “other” forms of sexual orientation.

The study attempted to assess health indicators including risky sexual behaviour, HIV knowledge, as well as alcohol and drug abuse among the sample.

According to the 92-page report, the study found high levels of sexual violence among MSM with more than one in 10 reporting being forced to have sex against their will. About 3 percent of MSM reported perpetrating sexual violence against a partner.

The study recommends strengthening campus HIV testing and mental health services for MSM and lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, questioning and intersex (LGBTQI) students. It also advocates working to create more enabling environments on campuses for MSM and LGBTQI students.

Download the study: National Student Sexual Health HIV Knowledge Attitude and Behaviour Survey