The Ndlovu Care Group (NCG) offers health care and child care services to children living with disabilities in a village in the Sekhukhune district in Limpopo. As part of these services, they revamp homes to help people with disabilities.

According to NCG communication officer Pitso Mosetlhe, the group’s beneficiaries are from financially disadvantaged backgrounds. “Families not only face poor financial circumstances but also have to care for a child with disabilities. Homes of beneficiaries often hinder a child’s ability to move around the home and they become marginalised from other activities that take place in the home.”

Taken for granted

He said some of these basic needs might be taken for granted, such as sitting and watching TV, being outside in the sun, bathing and even sleeping safely and comfortably.

“The homes may not have safe electrical wiring or lack appropriate entrances and exits, bathing systems that make it difficult for parents and caregivers to bath the children. Most families are aware of a need for modification but lack professional advice and funds on how to execute this effectively,” he said.

Mosethle explained that the programme was established after a survey conducted around the village highlighted a need for such intervention.

“Prior to the start of this disability programme a study was undertaken to establish how many disabled children are in need of care around Phooko village within Moutse area. It was this study that informed the start of the community-based rehabilitation programme in the village,” he said.

“We have assessed 10 homes and, thanks to generous funders from the Netherlands, successfully completed two homes.”

Renovation includes wheelchair ramps and the focus is on making areas where children spend most of their day more comfortable.