Benefits of early child development programmes

Benefits of early child development programmes

However, according to Statistics SA, only 35.9% of children in Limpopo attend ECD programmes.

“Intervening early in the lives of children improves school enrolment rates, high rates of school completion, excellent academic performance, lower school dropouts and levels of anti-social behaviour. These and other early childhood intervention will lead to better health for our communities and the nation,” said Mokaba-Phukwana.

Stamp out corruption

The MEC warned practitioners that the department has established a unit to stamp out corruption in ECD centres.

“Some centres are fraudulently registering a high number of children for stipend purposes. That is illegal, and will lead to prosecution and imprisonment,” she said.

“I urge you to stop such practices. We have established a unit in the department to investigate these illegal activities. We are very aware that there are people who open ECDs to make money. You must establish an ECD centre because you are passionate about it . You are not going to get rich for taking care of children,” she said. – Health-e News