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Mkhize pleads with South Africans

Written by Kalay Nair

The Health Minister has expressed concern at the Covid-19 fatigue that has set in amongst South Africans

Health Minister Dr Zweli Mkhize has pleaded with South Africans to take Covid-19 more seriously.

South Africa is now among the top five countries for the highest Covid-19 infections rates.

The infection rate is now at 350,879. Almost 5000 people have died.

Fatigue appears to be setting in

Mkhize has expressed  concern at the appatent fatigue setting in amongst South Africans when it comes to social distancing, hand washing and wearing of masks.

”We see poor to no social distancing among communties. Masks are being abandoned or not worn at all,” he says.

He says there is a laxity about hand-washing.

“This will directly influence a rise in numbers in the next two weeks.”

He has urged South Africans to remember there is a direct link between the rise in infections and the ability or inability to adhere to basic principles of infection  controls.

We do not have a vaccine. We do not have a cure. Our ability to break the cycle of infection depends on our willingness to remain focused and disciplined and take non pharmaceutical measures seriously.” – Health-e News



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