Good results by the City of Cape Town, one of the province’€™s health districts, have also contributed to the impressive outcomes although there are still a few areas of concern.


The province, which contains 10 percent of the country’€™s population (4,7-million people), has the best socio-economic development of all the provinces with almost 94 percent of households able to access piped water.


Managing to spend over R300 per person on PHC, the highest in the country, the province has performed well in the management of priority diseases.


The TB cure rate at 70 percent is the highest in the country and ahead of the 65 percent national target.


All pregnant women presenting at antenatal sites were tested for HIV and of these almost 13 percent were positive, the lowest prevalence rate in the country.


Data for 2005 indicates that almost 70 percent of HIV positive antenatal clients received nevirapine, also the highest in South Africa, with almost all of the newborn babies receiving nevirapine.


The province has also managed to distribute the highest number of male condoms in the country (19 per male per year), which is well above the national target of seven per man. Possibly as a result, the incidence of sexually transmitted infections is the lowest in the country.


The Western Cape’€™s impressive HIV prevention statistics are boosted by the good performance of Cape Town, one of the leaders in the prevention of HIV.


All pregnant women at city antenatal sites were tested for HIV and about three quarters who were HIV positive received nevirapine.


The condom distribution rate in the city is by far the highest in the country, with every man receiving around 27 condoms a year. However, the city’€™s sexually transmitted infection incidence is also the highest in the province.


There was a lack of data on nurses’€™ workload as well as the delivery and Caesarean section delivery rates in facilities, perhaps indicative of poor monitoring by management.


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