Peddling Poison


A cruel mix of heroin and any number of other substances,   like rat poison and even ARVs, it’€™s designed to get people hooked. It’s use is often accompanied by aggression and violence.

NB: Please note some visuals may offend sensitive viewers.


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Picking up the Pieces

Health-e’s latest documentary, “Picking up the Pieces” will be aired tonight (Tues) on 3rd Degree (e-TV) at 9.30pm. See the nurses in action dealing particularly with the huge rise in child rape cases, and find out how this specialisation is dying because it does not get proper recognition from the health authorities.

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Devil Bones

Every child in South Africa will have come into contact with drugs by the time they leave secondary school. One in three will have taken them. Increasingly, the drug of choice is heroin.

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