This was also the case in this Limpopo town on 25 December last year. There was a festive vibe as villagers gathered at a popular recreational spot at the Nwanedi Nature Reserve ‘€“ some people were just lazing about, others were braaing, and then there was a group of youngsters from the near-by village of Muswodi who spent the day abusing alcohol and drugs.

But their partying came to an abrupt end when one of them collapsed unconscious and had to be rushed to hospital.

“A friend came to call me and I asked him what was wrong, but he was so freaked out that he could not explain,’€ said one of the youngsters, Davhana Mukhethwa. ‘€œWhen I reached the group I found one of my friends lying on the ground, unable to speak or do anything,” said Mukhethwa.

Another friend, Thiba Thompho, said he hasn’€™t seen anything like that before. “We were drinking and we never thought anything bad will happen because we have been doing this for a long time,” said a shocked Thompho.

Another friend told OurHealth that: “I think we just had too many drinks and smokes. None of us have ever experienced that and I think we must learn to stop drinking and smoking like nothing else matters. I hope he gets better soon. I have learned my lesson,” said Mukwevho Thalukanyo.

Nembilwi Edwin, one of the emergency personnel at the reserve said: “We immediately called an ambulance. He was lucky because the ambulance arrived quickly to take him to hospital. Drugs and alcohol abuse is a serious matter here and if young people don’t start taking care for themselves, they will not have good futures. I hope many have learned their lesson through this,” he said.

Suprise Nemalale is an OurHealth Citizen Journalist from the Vhembe health district in Limpopo.


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