Maria Rantho, a clinic with ARVs stock-outs

Maria Rantho, a clinic with ARVs stock-outs

Stock-outs of ARVs in Soshanguve is a problem to the patients, clinic staff and caregivers.

An ARV patient who asked to remain anonymous said, “I understand the shortage is not the clinic problem but I have no money for ups and downs transport. I am not working.”

Although the NGOs and caregivers do not supply ARVs to patients, they are not spared from answering questions about these stock-outs. “I have been asked about why lamivudine is not available in the Block XX clinic by two patients and I didn’t  know what to say. I am afraid it might lead to patients complications subsequently.” said a caregiver, Boipilo Morake of Soshanguve Block P.

Sister Emma Mabula of Maria Rantho Clinic said, “I know of the shortages of lamivudine in our pharmacy. It is a problem caused by change of suppliers in delivery of medicines. However the problem will be dealt with soon when we meet with them. But we have a lot of single dose ARVs in Odimune that assists our patients in need.”

“Though we request patients to come again for ARVs collections in few days, we don’t foresee a danger of defaulting because our patients are given more drugs than their day of collection as a contingency.  We hope the matter will be addressed soon with our suppliers,” said acting area manager, Sister Salamina Mashego.