People queuing for water

People queuing for water

“The problem started when the pipe that supplies water to the area burst because of housing project in the area. We have spoken to Randwater and the problem is being resolved,” said ward councillor, Ms. Sophy Tshabalala.

The water shortages have disturbed the lives of many in the area.

Willie Jannie, a resident at Nkuna Stand said: “I have to wear dirty clothes for five days because of water shortage in this area. The situation has been going on for as long as a year now.”

Irene Mashaba said: “I am tired of waking up to fetch water from the tanker. Who knows even if this water is purified because no one tell us where it coming from?”

Collen Mokwena, a resident in the area said: “When the water shortage started, we used to have water on tap at night only but now there’s nothing. We have to queue up in early hours otherwise we don’t get water. Some of us are working and sometimes we can’t fulfill our duties because of these water problems.”

Thikhe Mutikani of Experts Panelbeaters said: “We have to use the little money we get to hire people to fetch us water. Our children suffer as a result.”

A community leader Mr. Sipho Mthimunye said the situation was very bad and the shortages had been a problem for a long time and nobody was willing to inform the community of progress with a solution of the problem

Randwater Manager Mr. Sipho Nkosi said, “I agree there is water shortage in Winterveldt and as a supplier we are doing the best we can through the assigned three tankers to supply water there. The Winterveldt population has grown to exceed our supply limit, however we are putting in bigger pipes and the project will be finished by the end of October – then water will be there.”