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Report: Fast-Track – Ending the AIDS epidemic by 2030

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Released on 18 November ahead of World AIDS Day, the UNAIDS report outlines new targets for the five-year window UNAIDS says is crucial to ending the global threat of HIV.

UNAIDS logoThe 40-page report begins with a bold quote arguing that the world has just five years to scale up HIV prevention and treatment or risk losing the gains made in the last ten years.

It then outlines the possible gains in terms of averted HIV infections and AIDS-related deaths, and returns on investment if the world scales up its HIV response. This would include providing pre-exposure prophylaxis to prevent HIV infection, targeting vulnerable groups and continued to increase antiretroviral treatment coverage.

Only about three-fifths of countries have risk reduction programmes for sex workers while the report also notes agh access to prevention services remains low for men who have sex with men. As in previous reports, UNAIDS notes continued treatment gaps among children living with HIV.

Download the full report: UNAIDS Fast-Track – Ending the AIDS epidemic by 2030

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