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Limpopo clinic welcomes new manager

Written by Suprise Nemalale

Tshiungani Clinic patients in Limpopo recently said a bittersweet goodbye to their beloved clinic manager. Now, the clinic has welcomed new manager and experienced rural healthcare worker Thingahangwi Nemutamba to the helm.

Rural nurse in training

Tshiungani Clinic were devastated by the loss of their previous clinic manager, who secured extra space and toilets for the facility. Now, experienced rural healthcare worker Thingahangwi Nemutamba has taken the helm. (File photo)

In December, OurHealth reported on Magie Mukwevho’s decision to retire from her post as Limpopo’s Tshiungani Clinic. Credited with securing additional space and toilets for the clinic, Mukwevho said her choice to retire was not an easy one.

OurHealth recently returned to the clinic in rural Limpopo to see how new manager Nemutamba was settling in.

“The patients here seem to be good people who are willing to work together to make their clinic a better place for them to turn to in their times of need,” said Nemutamba, who previously worked in a similar rural setting. “I am very happy that they welcomed me with warm hands, showing me how much they appreciated my presence.

“I hope that, with the help of the patients, we can do more (for the clinic),” he told OurHealth. “I (will) do all in my power to make them feel comfortable around me like they used to feel with the previous manager.”

Community member and patient Marie Makuya says she feels reassured by Nemutamba’s eagerness to please.

“It feels good to know that our concerns are being considered by the department,” she added.

Fellow patient Manuel Mukhari said he was also hopeful and impressed by the speed at which the Department of Health had filled Mukwevho’s vacant post.

“He seems like a good man who is determined to bring about good changes,” Mukhari added. “We are looking forward to his contributions to our clinic and wish him all the best.”

About the author

Suprise Nemalale

Suprise Nemalale is an OurHealth Citizen Journalist reporting from Limpopo's Vhembe Health District.