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Douglas clinic gets new nurses following shortage

Written by Kedibonye Polao

Douglas patients in the Northern Cape have welcomed two new nurses for the town’s Breipaal Clinic after a previous staff shortage led to long queues and patients being turned away.

New nurses for the clinic have shortened waiting times, say patients (File photo)

New nurses for the clinic have shortened waiting times, say patients (File photo)

Nurse Maria Malgas recently started at the clinic about 200 km outside Kuruman. Malgas is the second new staff member appointed this year following the hiring of nurse Lo’mea Botha in January.

Breipaal Clinic patient Betty Julius says the nurses have already cut waiting times. Other patients added that the clinic used to be forced to turn away patients due to staff shortages.

“I also love how (Nurse) Botha is handling the patients with such calmness and love,” Julius adds.

Fellow patient Nella Visser also commended Malgas’ patience.

Originally from Malmesbury about 70 km north of Cape Town, Botha said she was excited to be at the rural clinic. Her calling to become a nurse was prompted by time spent helping her mother, who was also a nurse, at the clinic at which she worked while Botha was still at school.

“My mother, who has been a nurse for 35 years and to whom I look up to, is my role model,” she tells OurHealth.

“Patients don’t always see the hard work nurses put in to make them feel better, and sometimes the patients do not want to work with us in their recovery,” she explains. “But the best is when you get a stubborn patient to Read about another Breipaal Clinic nurse making a difference

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    Kedibonye Polao is an OurHealth Citizen Journalist reporting from the Northern Cape's Pixley ka Seme Health District.