The summary argues that years of administrative irregulatities, mismanagement and poor governance have been documented at the body in charge of regulating the country’s health professionals. Interviews with staff and others as well as written submissions made to the task team demonstrated the body’s failure to carry out its statutory mandate.

Findings also include:

  • Documents and interviews also show the CEO/Registrar’s failure to properly recruit and manage staff. The report notes that the Registrar refused to appear before the task team on multiple occasions;
  • The HPCSA’s COO was “was implicated in acts of unauthorised, irregular and/or fruitless and wasteful expenditure in a matter relating to the ORACLE information communication technology system which remain unresolved”; and
  • The delays in adjudicating complaints against health providers prejudiced practitioners and led them to lose confidence in the body

Download the report summary: Ministerial task team report on HPCSA