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Strategy: The Prevention and Control of Obesity in South Africa 2015-2020

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The 57-page strategy document focuses on six broad goals including preventing childhood obesity, enabling access to healthy food and promoting physical activity.

At the centre of the strategy is a broad emphasis on communication, education and mobilization around growing obesity rates in the country. The document also notes a particular focus on preventing childhood obesity due to the profound impact obesity can have on childhood development.

The strategy itself has six broad goals, namely:

  • Create an institutional framework to support inter-sectoral engagement;
  • Create an enabling environment that supports availability and accessibility to healthy food choices in various settings;
  • Increase the percentage of the population engaging in physical activity;
  • Support obesity prevention in early childhood;
  • Communicate with, educate and mobilise communities; and
  • Establish a surveillance system and strengthen monitoring, evaluation and research.

The document notes this national strategy is aligned with the country’s existing Strategic Plan for the Prevention and Control of Non-Communicable Diseases as well as its Health Promotion Policy and Strategy.

Download the strategy: Strategy for the Prevention and Control of Obesity in South Africa 2015-2020

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