Health Systems TrustIn a forward by authors, the review notes that its 20 chapters largely reflect current trends in the global health and development agenda, including focuses on universal healthcare as well as good governance. The 369-page report is divided into four themes, namely leadership and governance, human resources for health, service delivery and information.

Now in its 19th edition, the review begins with the usual overview by University of KwaZulu-Natal’s Andy Gray and Yousuf Vawda of new heath policy and legislation. The pair notes that while the long-awaited National Health Insurance White Paper was released, related funding and policy issues have yet to be finalised. The book then goes on to discuss topics including the impact of climate change on water, sanitation and health before looking at the state of nutrition and non-communicable diseases. Chapters on breastfeeding, the eHealth MomConnect programme and the intersection between biomedical and traditional sectors all follow.

Notable chapters focus on the rights and health issues of sex workers in the wake of the South African National AIDS Council’s national sex work plan and financing South Africa’s HIV response.

Download the report: South African Health Review 2016