App: HIV Clinical Mentor

App: HIV Clinical Mentor

Cape town-based company Aviro has created a free, mobile app designed to help South African health workers manage HIV.

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logo aviro blackAviro’s HIV Clinical Mentor is a free mobile app designed to help clinicians in primary care settings, effectively treat HIV patients. Based on South African clinical guidelines, the app is updated regularly to ensure the latest information is always available. The app acts as a virtual HIV mentor, it enables clinicians to determine whether a patient is eligible for ARV treatment, what drugs to use and when to start treatment. It also provides immediate feedback to clinicians and if needed immediate access to a referral system and the HIV hotline.

Features of the app include:

  • Adult Eligibility and Treatment Module
  • Adult and Pediatric World Health Organization Stage Guide
  • Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission (PMCT) Module
  • Creatine Clearance Calculator
  • Pediatrics Eligibility and Treatment Module
  • Drug Interaction Calculator
  • Viral Load

Download the app free from Google Play or iTunes