Residents have to shut their windows to keep out the stink, but children play next to the dirty water. Community members told Health-e they were ‘living in hell on earth’ because of the stench from the sewage drain and said they were afraid that water and airborne diseases could breakout because the situation has been left unattended for so long.
“It is frustrating that we have to keep our doors closed. It is difficult to cook and enjoy meals when the sewer is washing down your street,” said Thlolong resident Mmamakgala Mokoena. “We are afraid our children will get sick because of playing with dirty water.”


Papadi Mosia said their rights were being taken for granted. “What worries us is the fact that those in power are neglecting us. If this leak was in an upmarket suburb the municipality would spend day and night fixing the problem, but now we are left stranded as if we do not have the rights which the rich have.”
Vusi Mlaba said residents had asked the municipality on several occasions to fix the drain. “They keep telling us they are waiting for manpower from QwaQwa [a nearby town where the municipality’s headquarters are located], but nothing is forthcoming,” he said.
Health-e tried several times to get hold of the local ward  councillor without success. All questions to
the Maluti-a-Phofung local municipal offices were referred to the district offices and have gone unanswered.