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Now an official from the South African Social Security Agency(SASSA) has undertaken to help the desperate woman, claiming that by April 1 she will start receiving the monthly payments she is entitled to.

Lorraine Mashau (37) says she applied for the grant when her son was born, but has not received a cent despite numerous desperate attempts to re-apply or sort out the problem over the years.

“For the past four years I have been sent from one office to another without getting any form of help. All they do is to tell me that they cannot find my file and I have to re-apply again. I have already applied more than six times, but nothing has been done to address my situation,” said Mashau.


Mashau, who herself is a SASSA beneficiary, was born disabled. She has been struggling to support herself and her son on only her disability grant – which she says is too little to adequately support two people.

I do not understand why we are being made to suffer like this. They should just tell me what’s wrong with me or my application.

“I am currently unemployed. But my SASSA grant is not enough for me to look after my child as he has just started pre-school and needs lot of things starting from his uniform to a lunchbox. I do not understand why we are being made to suffer like this. They should just tell me what’s wrong with me or my application,” said Mashau.

She has been to SASSA offices in Vuwani, Ha-Mutsha and the District offices in Thohoyandou, but none have been able to help her with the problem.

“It’s so painful to see other children enjoying the benefits of our government while mine is not receiving anything because some individuals are not doing their job properly,” she said.

Not receiving money

A political figure in the Masia village, Thomas Lebago said: “I have tried several times to help her with the problem, I even accompanied her to the SASSA offices in Vuwani. But no one seems to know what is wrong with her application. She has had a card issued for her child by SASSA but she is not receiving any money.”

A SASSA official in the Ha-Mutsha offices, Nnditsheni Mudau has promised to intervene and help Mashau receive the grant for her child.

“I have looked at her application and I think something wrong was done with her first application. But I will sort it out and she will receive her child grant on April 1 this year. Mistakes do happen in our systems but we always do our best to sort them out,” said Mudau.