Waterval villagers encouraged by new stadium

Written by Ndivhuwo Mukwevho

LIMPOPO – The renovation of the Waterval Stadium, near Elim Hospital has brought hope and happiness to the residents as they will now have a proper place to exercise.

The stadium will be used by thousands of Waterval residents.

The process has already started and is set to be completed in the coming months. One happy parent, Mandla Chabalala, said: “At last our community will have a good quality stadium were our children will be able to play sport without us as parents having to worry about our their safety. It is a welcome relief to us, and maybe our children will stay fit and healthy as the stadium will afford them a platform to exercise.’’

Some of the benefits of regular exercise includes reduced risk of heart disease, better sleep, improved memory, increased self-confidence and a boost in happiness and energy levels.

Chabalala added: “If we encourage our children to participate more in sports, we will be able to keep them far away from drugs and engaging too early in sexual behaviour. As soon as the stadium is completed we must encourage them to play more sports as it will help a lot with living a healthy life.”

Before the renovations started at the stadium, grounds were being used as farmland by residents who had ploughed the area with maize meal.

The process of turning the local sports grounds into a community stadium started at the beginning of this year.

The stadium will be used by thousands of Waterval residents and the surrounding villages and will be used by local schools during sports days for athletics and football.

“I believe that the stadium is a step towards a healthy life. Most of our people are becoming obese because they do not exercise regularly and now we cannot be complaining that we don’t have a place to exercise when we will be having our very own stadium within walking distance from our homes,” said Joyce Mathebula, another resident of Waterval. – Health-e News.

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