Uncollected rubbish adds to stadium decay

Residents say that a lack of upkeep has kept local athletes away from the once popular standium
Residents say that a lack of upkeep has kept local athletes away from the once popular standium

The stadium on Cherry Street used to draw local tennis and volleyball players, and was home to the local soccer league. Now, local non-governmental organisation Atta-Ele-Roi says uncollected rubbish at the stadium has pushed young athletes out of the stadium and made it a haven for drug use.

Teenagers now gather at the stadium to smoke dagga or dodge police while skipping school at the stadium about 100 km southwest of Klerksdorp.

Assisting single parents and providing shelter to survivors of domestic violence, Atta-Ele-Roi has written to the Maquassi Hills Municipality to request that the accumulating rubbish dumped at the stadium be collected.

“We are concerned and wrote a letter to the local authorities about removing the dumping side from the stadium,” said Alfred Mogale, a pastor at the Pentecostal Holiness Church and Atta-Ele-Roi member.

He added that the municipality’s failure to maintain the stadium is robbing young athletes of the chance to develop and pursue their dreams.

Local Ward 11 Counsellor Doctor Mohadi told OurHealth he has taken the issue both to the local municipality and the larger Dr Kenneth Kuanda District. According to Mohadi, the district is looking to issue a tender for the stadium’s renovation.

“As a councillor, I am very sorry about situation like,” said Mohadi, who added he’s also asked the district to ensure that tall grass surrounding the stadium is also cut down.


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