Gift Moreki* is appealing to authorities to find him a place to stay so that his condition can be managed as the COVID-19 pandemic threatens to overwhelm the public healthcare system.

Having undergone surgery, Moreki, who has been living on the street for five years, had a colostomy bag inserted which allows him to pass waste. He struggles to recall exactly when the surgery was performed and how long he has been living with the bag due to incessant and intense pain.

“I am sick. They have inserted this thing (pointing to his colostomy bag). It spilled onto my blankets last night and I had to throw them away,” said Moreki who was clearly in distress as he explained how the miserable conditions make it even more difficult.

Health-e News spoke to a medical doctor to shed some light on Moreki’s condition. He said Moreki urgently needs constant care in a home environment.

Constant care required

Gift Moreki trying to find blankets as he dreads the chilly night on the streets of Orange Grove. (Photo: Portia Kobue)