Visitation guidelines at healthcare facilities in the Western Cape have been adjusted, now that the province is clear from the fourth wave.

Visitors and escorts are now allowed to be present at health facilities under special circumstances. Screening of visitors at entrances to hospitals is no longer required. But wearing masks, sanitising and social distancing remains mandatory, the provincial health department said in a media release.. 

Outpatients who are  minors or  those  who are disabled, vulnerable, or weak  can now have one person escort them. This includes people being treated in emergency rooms. Two family members are allowed to be  with end of life patients.

The maximum duration of visits to adult, paediatric and neonatal inpatients is one hour. 

Restrictions in maternity wards

Birthing partners are still not allowed to enter the theatre and must wear a surgical mask and remain at the top end of the bed when visiting at all times. They are allowed to visit for 30 minutes. Two people are allowed to visit the mother and the newborn for 60 minutes daily.

The birthing partner is allowed to remain with the mother in the recovery room and accompany her to the postnatal ward where they can remain for a short while. Teenagers in labour are allowed to have a birthing partner.

Both Covid-19 positive and negative patients are allowed one birthing partner during active labour. The birth partners of Covid-19 positive patients having a C-section, must be fully vaccinated or not have been infected by Covid-19 in the past 90 days. They cannot change their  birthing partners.

COVID-19 patients or those suspected of being infected are not allowed any visitors, with the exception of end of life patients. Families and friends will now be allowed to  drop off items like toiletries, food, books for them. Patients in non-Covid-19 High Care, ICU, and isolation wards are at high risk so visits are not allowed.

Though visitation guidelines have been adjusted, the Western Cape Government is urging people to remain vigilant and follow Covid-19 rules. – Health-e News