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A small minority of researchers seem to have succeeded in South Africa where they have failed elsewhere. They have gained the ear of the media and the public in calling to question whether HIV does cause AIDS. Worldwide, the vast majority of reputable scientsists are clear about the transmission and effect of the HI virus on the human body. ANSO THOM goes back to the basics. See also: How safe is sex?
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STI and condom week

How safe is sex?

Every day South Africans are being bombarded with safer sex or HIV/AIDS messages. Many, generally from unreliable sources, are simply urban legends while others should be taken seriously.But how do we know whether we are having safe sex?
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HIV/AIDS Debate: Flirting with death?

President Thabo Mbeki has never said that HIV does not cause AIDS, but he is prepared to consult all players and question all theories including "the unwavering belief that HIV is the sole cause of AIDS -- in his quest to get to grips with the disease.So said presidential spokesperson Parks Mankahlana this week in response to the controversy caused by Mbeki's contact with a group of scientists who deny HIV causes or plays any role in AIDS.
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Smart Cookies

A new fortified cookie designed to suppliment micronutrients in school children is being launched in Durban today (22 March 2000). The carotino-nutritional biscuit is the product of four years of scientific tests. It was developed by the MRC to eliminate the widespread deficiency in vitamins A, E and iron which is essential for good mental and physical development in South African children.
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Johannesburg AIDS clinic turns away patients

Johannesburg Hospital'€™s HIV/AIDS Clinic has virtually stopped seeing new patients, referring most cases to primary health care clinics, ill equipped in dealing with HIV/AIDS-related illnesses.This latest revelation follows short on the heels of the closure last year of the HIV/AIDS Clinic at Pretoria Academic Hospital and allegations that about R40 million of government AIDS funds for 1999/2000 has not yet been spent.
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