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Hope for the future: Ugandan youth turn back the HIV tide

"If you have a very big elephant and you want to eat it up, you start from all corners. That way you'€™ll finish it up." So says Edith Mukisa, the founder of Uganda'€™s Teenage HIV/AIDS Clinic in Naguru, just outside the capital Kampala.This is the philosophy that lies at the core of Uganda'€™s multi-sectoral response to the HIV/AIDS pandemic. And it'€™s paying dividends. by Carolyn Dempster
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Drugs are the bottom-line

"Nobody says we shouldn't treat TB or cancer because we don't have the infrastructure or the ability to do so properly," said Dr Andy Grey from the Health System Trust in Durban. This was in response to Dr Mazuwa Banda from the World Health Organization, who argued at the AIDS 2000 conference that antiretroviral drugs should not be distributed in countries where "the basic requirements for [their] safe, effective use" are not in place.
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Cheap drug can save thousands of babies

Government was yesterday presented with evidence that it could save the lives of thousands of babies cheaply and effectively by giving their HIV positive mothers the drug Nevirapine during labour. The drug could cut the rate of HIV transmission from mother to child by about one third, meaning that only about 7% of babies born to HIV positive women would be infected at birth.
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