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Workers’€™ compensation ‘€“ too little, too late

The Compensation Commissioner'€™s Office has been strongly criticised for the time it takes to settle workers'€™ occupational health claims. Some say this is the fault of companies that obstruct the commission'€™s work, but regardless of where the blame lies, it is workers like Derick Wolfaardt who suffer the consequences. Jo Stein reports.
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Nevirapine ‘€“ when will we decide?

The Treatment Action Campaign (TAC) is heading for a showdown with the government if it does not approve the use of Nevirapine to prevent mother to child transmission of HIV. The question of giving Nevirapine to pregnant women is on the agenda for the next MINMEC meeting on August 12 when the Minister of Health, Dr Manto Tshabalala-Msimang is scheduled to meet with the provincial MECs for health.
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Beyond statistics

Ella and Paul Hartley's lifestyle characterises the lifestyle of many South African middle-class whites. Their neat small home is in Sasolburg's suburbia. They have three children. He works, she is a housewife and they have two pet dogs. By Cecelia Russel.
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DURBAN- "The challenge is to move from rhetoric to action," said Nelson Mandela at the closing ceremony of the AIDS 2000 conference, as he underlined the importance of safer sex, the use of condoms and interventions to stop mother-to-child transmission of HIV/AIDS.
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Let’€™s talk about sex

It came unexpectedly: the question that most parents try to rehearse the answer to, but inevitably mess up when reality strikes. My six-year-old turned to me out of the blue and said: "But what I don'€™t understand is how the seed from the man gets into the woman'€™s egg."My initial response was to gloss over her question. After all, at six a child shouldn'€™t know about sex, I reasoned. But she persisted, so I had little option but to dive into a quick-'€˜n-basic lesson on anatomy '€“ which both amused and fascinated her.
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